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Innovative, Bespoke, Quality - this is the focus at di Rosa.  Whether it be a kitchen, item of bespoke timber  furniture, custom made vanity, wardrobe, laundry or anything else you can imagine - our focus is on being creative, unique, and most importantly a high quality product that you will love, and will last for years to come.   Attention to detail is a high priority, along with good old fashioned 'customer service' - you are working with the owners of the company, who care about you, what you want, and what goes out our door.   

At di Rosa, we enjoy doing things 'outside the box' - anything is possible!  All cabinetry and furniture is custom designed and custom manufactured at our factory in Matamata, and we have a showroom with lots of products and samples to help with your decision making, along with designers to help guide you.


di Rosa are specialists in designer, custom made kitchens.  Whether it be a new build, or a renovation project, we will work with you to design and manufacture your bespoke kitchen.  At di Rosa, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail in the design, and ensuring a practical design.  But also our high standard of workmanship, and choice to only use good quality products  in our kitchens. 


Bespoke custom made laundries, designer walk in wardrobes, vanities, wine cellars, fire mantles, built in furniture such as bookcases - we are able to design and make any other cabinetry you may want in your house, and all with our design flair and high quality of workmanship.


Pressed Tin Panels® metal panels, can be used  as decorative wall panels, to line ceilings, as splashbacks, front of bar/island, dado's and many other applications.  To add texture and detail to any home or commercial building.  Over 45 designs to choose from, along with cornices and borders, these are a stunning addition to any project.


di Rosa specialises in custom made, bespoke, solid timber furniture, or mixing timber with other mediums to create a unique piece for your home.


I just want to say I found everything you guys did to be first class.  All the people I interacted with from the lady in the office, to Glen doing design, to the 3 guys who did the installation were exceptional, and I doubt I have ever experienced such professionalism, pride and personal care in all aspects of an organisation that I have interacted with, like you guys.  Well done!


I just want to pass on my thanks for the way your epic kitchen gets the smile on my wifes  face fully lit.

 The input from Glen initially began during the bespoke House Concept stage & if we had not included di Rosa right from the beginning, we would be faced with trying to fit a kitchen into non- ideal spaces & dimensions.

We listened to the sound logic presented & rotated the whole kitchen 90 degrees , “ borrowed ‘ some space from another room to fit in a great scullery and from there all the peripheral elements slotted neatly into place.

During the design phase Glen & Becky kept us fully informed of developments & any need to alter specifications due to covid, crazy component cost or plain simple practicality.  Really great comms.

What a superb job you and your team of legends have done here- from the High Quality Joinery & Materials to the precise gaps in cabinetry & the careful install.  Huge thanks for such a sweet job.


I wanted to give you some feedback on your team.

The guys you sent over here to install all of our stuff are doing you and your business proud.  They are well organised, polite and extremely hard working.

You get a bit of a mix when you build a house or do a major reno, but your team are at the top end of the scale.  

I love business and building businesses, and people are so important.  You have a great team of people and I suspect an excellent culture.  Great cultures cannot be bought.  They are lead from the top, and people buy into them because they believe in them and feel they can contribute to and add to the culture.

So well done Glen and was excellent to be on the receiving end of it!



We'd love to help you! 

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