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Pressed Tin Panels


Panel size:  925mm x 1840mm approx.

Pattern repeat size:  152mm x 152mm approx.  

The Original design is by far one of the most popular patters.  It features a floral and star embellishment pattern repeat that is full of nothing but grace and class.  The Original design was reproduced and name thus, by Pressed Tin Panels® due to it popularity in the early 20th century; the time of the Wunderlich revolution plus the sheer allure and elegance of the design.  The Original design is suitable for use as a splashback, ceiling, walls, bathrooms and counter fronts, and is one of our most popular designs, and stocked in New Zealand.

All Pressed Tin Panels® are made from a special mill grade aluminium, 0.55mm thick.

Pressed Tin Panels® are treated with a non-chromate treatment (acid etched) which prepares the panel to be powder coated, or primed and painted.

We recommend painting or powder coating the Pressed Tin Panel®, as opposed to leaving them raw, as this ensures any surface marks from manufacturing are covered over, and makes the panels easy to clean.

All orders are supplied with instructions on how to cut and install the panels, or you could follow this link

Each order incurs a freight charge as follows:

1-2 panels $100 incl GST

3-8 panels $150 incl GST

9 + panels $300 incl GST

Delivery address cannot be a Rural Delivery address.

All credit card payments incur a 3% surcharge fee.

Internet banking incurs no fee.

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